Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Drew started work!!

It's amazing! Drew had his first day of work yesterday. We're excited. After a month of having him around and a summer of mostly having him around and the past 3 years of law school - so we've had him around a lot, which has been great, we're finally going to live like most people and have a routine. Yuck! just kidding. It's been a good past two days. We get a few hours with him in the morning, then we go to the park and around 2 we head home and make lunch, our big meal is now lunch thanks to the weird eating schedule in Spain, then Dad comes home for Seista Time - my favorite part about Spain- and after a few hours Dad goes back to the office and we are on our way back to the park!! It's a great life.

I have 2 cute and quick stories and then I need to go to bed. Good night or buenas noches.

#1 - Yesterday at the park Isaac was playing with some spanish kids. After a few minutes of silence he decided to try out his spanish and started to follow them around saying "Rojo, Verde, Rojo, Verde." It was really cute because the first day we were here the spanish kids followed him around saying "one, two, three."

#2 - Isaac was playing on the swings at the park when a cute little spanish girl came up to the swing next to him and started to swing her doll and talking to Isaac in spanish. Isaac wanted to play with her but didn't know quite what to do so he went and grabbed Stella's doll and started to swing it next to the little girl. I'm not sure if she ever figured out that he doesn't speak spanish because Isaac kept shaking his head when she asked questions. It was really cute!

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