Monday, September 25, 2006

Moving Day!

A couple of quick things, then we're off to our new apartment.

If Eryka thought that by not speaking Spanish she would avoid any serious callings at church, she was wrong. The Bishop visited with us last night in our new apartment (picture a big empty apartment with one small Ikea sofa-bed "Welcome to our home, Bishop") and made it clear he'll be putting us both to work. In fact, we're scheduled to speak in church in a couple weeks, and they'll simply provide a translator for Eryka to give her talk.

And he wants to put me to work in more than one way. Our bishop is American, and he runs the Madrid campus of the University of St. Louis (a private Jesuit university based in St. Louis, Missouri). He needs someone to teach a business law course, and the only requirements are that the teacher have a JD and practice business/corporate law. So I might start teaching college courses next semester - that is, if I can convince the partner here to let me go for a few hours a week to go teach.

It's just after 8:00 am here, and the movers should be getting to our place around 10:00 am. Oh the relief after nearly two months of living out of luggage! We moved all of our bags and other junk over to the apartment yesterday, so this morning we just have to shower, and then we can ditch this joint.

One unfortunate side-effect of moving is that we will not have Internet access at our new apartment for the next few weeks (it could be quite an extended period of time, as we've heard the telephone and internet access companies are notorious for months-long delays in installing the connections). But not to worry, I'll do my best to post from work and keep everyone updated on the fun times we're having in Madrid.

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Anonymous said...

Wahoo - your own place!! Can't wait to see pictures!