Monday, September 18, 2006

Our stuff is stuck in Customs...

So the good news is we sign our lease tomorrow. Almost two weeks after finding the apartment, we finally get to sign the lease. It's so much harder to rent an apartment in Spain.

The bad news is our stuff is stuck in Customs. They have to have a copy of our lease before they'll release it. So hopefully after tomorrow it can make its way to Madrid.

Either way we're excited to move in to our new place and finally after a month of homelessness we'll have a home. That will feel so good!!

Today we found a cute park a few blocks from our new house. I'm so excited. The kids had a lot of fun and I tried to speak spanish and make a new friend. The spanish turned out pretty bad so she started to speak English to me. That works. So now I have another english speaking friend. Don't worry at church I have to speak spanish. So I'll eventually learn. jk. I've also been doing some furniture shopping. I'm so excited. I love furniture. Anyways, we're so excited about our new apartment. We'll let you know more soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Glover's,

Glad to hear you signed for your apartment, but sorry to hear your stuff is stuck in customs. Eryka keep trying your spanish, if the people are patient, they will try harder to understand you. We should have our home internet up later today, then we will chat with you some more. Keep up the good work. What day do you get your apartment? You will have to get us your address. Hugs and Kisses to all. We love the pictures also....
Luv Ya,
Mom and Dad (Karen & Victor)

Anonymous said...

Eryka - I love that you love furniture! I remember walking to V.T. circle over at Michelle Bradford's, in the freezing cold, discussing furniture all along the way. I miss you!! Good luck with the Spanish

Anonymous said...

Hey Eryka-
It's Bree! I love reading all about what you guys are doing! It sounds like such an adventure- you are quite the daring individual but then again you always were! Your kids are adorable. Good luck with the spanish. This is a good thing for Isaac because Hallie will also be fluent so they can have something in common(: And maybe you can come back and teach me so I can understand my children! Bree

Anonymous said...


Your Grandma Heard told me about your website so I decided to write. That's so exciting you're in Spain. What a wonderful experience. I've had friends who have done the ex-pat thing and have such great experiences. I got engaged in Portugal, and we spent a day in Seville. That was in 2002. I hope you get to see a lot of Europe while you're there. I'll have to visit your blog often and see what you're doing.

Your mom's cousin -- Marcia Banks Johns, Sandy, Utah.