Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Holidays

Our Holiday season has been full of Christmas Miracles. The first was ordering Internet service from a different company five days before Christmas and having it installed on Friday just before the Holiday. The next was getting our furniture delivered just two days after Christmas when we were told it wouldn't be ready until mid-January. OK, so maybe there were only two Christmas miracles, but the first was HUGE since we've been living without high speed for months. (BTW, don't believe Eryka's promise that she would post regularly once we had Internet. She hasn't even tried touching the blog in the week that we've had internet.)

It truly is a major convenience to have high speed Internet and cable television. We had forgotten how useful Playhouse Disney can be to keep Isaac entertained. Of course, Isaac doesn't need cable T.V. after Santa brought him his Power Ranger legos. Not only will he play with those things for hours, but he will play by himself, leaving us to enjoy a little quite time without catering to the demands of our ever-active three year old. (Not that we don't love taking care of him, just a break every now and then is really nice). And Stella will spend her time either sleeping or playing with her new grocery store toy. I'm telling you, Christmas is fantastic for getting your kids out of your hair for a few hours.

Did we mention that Isaac was a shephard in his school Christmas play? We found out the night before that we were supposed to provide him with a costume, so with a little American ingenuity, we cut three holes in a pillow case, slipped it over his head, and tied it with a rag. Even though we thought the costume turned out pretty well, apparently we missed the Spanish standard on what makes a shephard costume - I guess shephards wear lambswool vests, leggings, and caps. Who knew?

It was wonderful having my mom visit the past couple of weeks. We certainly wore her out leaving her to watch our kids several times while we played in Milan and Madrid (actually, most of it was Eryka leaving her with the kids so she could go to the dentist). The kids loved having grandma here and will miss her now that she is gone.

Work has been relatively laid back for me the past few weeks, but things started picking back up again this week, and the forecast looks to be a high chance of a heavy workload for the next several months. I'm actually looking forward to it, because much of the downtime recently has left me feeling lazy and unmotivated. It will be good to get back into the swing of things again, and it should be much easier on my family now that we're much more settled in with the normal conveniences of life we have come to expect.


Corinne said...

yay! merry christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Happy to get to see pictures of your Christmas. Sure missed getting to be there. Isaac, you look like on very happy shepard, even in your Americanized version of a robe. Next we want to see Stella cooking at her new kitchen,.

Grandma Karen