Tuesday, January 16, 2007

100 things about me!

I have a few friends who have done this lately and it was so fun to get to know them better. I hope everyone does it.
100 things
1. I love peaches.
2. My middle name is Jennelle.
3. I’ve always had a problem spelling my first and middle name wrong.
4. I love to be with people.
5. I have a really hard time doing things by myself.
6. My husband is my best friend. I absolutely LOVE him to death.
7. Writing that made me cry.
8. I hate crying!

9. I love music but can’t tell you who anybody is.
10. I’m learning Spanish.
11. I don’t like Spanish food.
12. I never had any interest in coming to Europe before we moved here.
13. I love Italy.
14. I like my passport picture.
15. I love being in Young Women’s.
16. I graduated from high school 10 years ago this year! Ahh.
17. I love having a blog and think everyone should have one.
18. I have an amazing life.
19. I love living in a city!
20. I hate laundry.
21. I love to cook.
22. I really miss going to the grocery store and finding food I like.
23. I love my kids so much.
24. I can’t believe how smart and active they are.

25. I love that they play so well together.
26. I want to be a better mom.
27. I love my new furniture.
28. I really miss all my friends and family.
29. Living in Spain is probably the hardest thing I’ll ever do.
30. Admitting that to everybody is so hard.
31. I hate being pregnant.
32. But I have really short labors!
33. I love getting emails from friends.
34. I’m the worst at writing emails to people.
35. I wish I told everybody how much they have influenced my life for the better.
36. I’m so thankful for the missionaries that converted my Dad.
37. I love the Church.
38. I love homemade chocolate chip cookies.
39. I love seeing people smile.
40. I hate animals.
41. I can’t type.
42. I love design.
43. I love lying out on the beach!
44. I wish I was there right now.
45. I have the worst teeth.
46. I love going out to eat.
47. I hate theatre popcorn.
48. I love jeans.
49. I wish I was closer to my brothers.
50. I always wanted a sister.
51. I’m so bad with grammar or anything to do with “English”
52. I hate needles.
53. I love making friends.
54. I love playing games.
55. I love to travel with friends.
56. I’ve never tried to karaoke.
57. I love staying up late just to talk.
58. I love to watch BYU football with my husband.
59. I love shopping.
60. I hate paying full price for something.
61. I wish I was better at hugging people.
62. I wish I could speak Spanish.
63. I love warm weather.
64. I want to own a boat.
65. I love waterskiing and wakeboarding.
66. I love to scrapbook.
67. I wish I could sing.
68. I’ve had gray hair since I was 16.
69. I love ordering dessert but won’t unless others do.
70. I never want to drive a minivan.
71. Someday I will own a Land Rover.
72. I miss American TV.
73. I love girl’s night out!
74. I can’t wait to own a house.
75. I wish I had more patience.
76. I talk really loud on the phone without realizing it.
77. I love to do lists.
78. I want to run a marathon one day.
79. I think my husband is the best Dad.

80. I love my parents and think they did a great job.
81. I can’t wait to go back to school and get my degree.
82. I wish I could sleep in more.
83. I love to read.
84. I love candles.
85. I wish I was more organized.
86. I’m insecure.
87. I love having bonfires and smores.
88. I want to travel more.
89. I wish I knew how to dance.
90. I love pedicures.
91. Doing little girl hair isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
92. I love remembering people’s birthdays and feel so bad when I forget.
93. I want to own a design/furniture store one day.
94. I love my family.
95. I wish I could make candy like my grandma.
96. I decorate for Christmas really early.
97. I love getting people gifts.
98. I hate to write.
99. I love to visit old friends.
100. I’m so glad you read my blog!


Nancy said...

Yay for #55!

Corinne said...

i MISS YOU ERYKA!!! this was really fun to read and i feel like i know you even better. PLEASE come live in my basement again!!!

Aaron & Debbie said...

i loved your list! we have so much in common. my favorite is #92 because today is my bday and you remembered! i am also sad that we lived right next door to each other and did not get together very often:( i am so happy we have kept in touch, you are an amazing person.

Chrislynn said...

I really enjoyed reading this list. You know, you have five sisters now in the Glover family, and I am really glad that I can call you my sister (in-law). Keep writing, and maybe, eventually I will get my own blog set up.

eryka said...

Nancy - we need to do that again!
Corrine - I thought the same thing when I read your list! Debbie - I think you are the coolest. I'm so glad we've stayed in touch. Chrislynn - Thank you! You really should set up a blog!

Design Mom said...

Beautiful list.