Thursday, January 11, 2007

Potty Training

Stella really wanted to start potty training this week. I'm really excited that she wants to but a little nervous about the mess.

Tuesday she brought me a pair of her new underwear and insisted that we put them on without her diaper. I was really reluctant because the same day Isaac was really sick and vomitting every 15 minutes. So I didn't want any extra bodily fluid that day. But she insisted. So we tried. She was actually really good. She only had 2 accidents. The last one wasn't even her fault she was trying to get my attention but I was busy helping Isaac.

Wednesday was a good day too. I was really shocked. She only had 1 accident. She really likes being a big girl.

Then today we even ventured out without a diaper to get Isaac from school. She went all day with out a drop of an accident until 7pm. And then the flood gates opened. She had 3 huge accidents within 30 minutes. I have no idea where all that liquid came from but it got all over! So I've just finished mopping up her messes and I think both kids are down!! Now I really need to work on New Beginings stuff that Nuevos Comienzos in espanol! Good night.


Aaron & Debbie said...

potty training is so fun:)

i hope that website gave you some good ideas. i love it!

Corinne said...

I cannot believe you are potty training her. Preston is NO WHERE NEAR ready for that - and neither am I :)

Bree said...

Hallie just did the same thing this week. We made her a potty chart and she got to put princess stickers on every time she went. She had 2 accidents and then she got it. Girls are very quick learners. Good luck Stella!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the potty training. It is always nice to get rid of diapers. Course you are lucky you have disposalble ones now we had cloth so I started traing mine really young. People always said I was just training my self but I didn't have them in diapers after 15 monts.
Hope Isaac is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm love some pics of her in her cute little knickers