Sunday, January 07, 2007

A small miracle took place today

Have you ever felt like the only reason you go to church is to be an example to your kids because you get nothing from the meetings? This is how we've felt lately.

So this week I was looking at for a copy of my lesson in English and on the main page was a link to an article on enjoying sacrament with children. So I gladly clicked away. (There's a link to the article at the end of the post) It was so simple it said all we have to do is be a good example. I was skeptical but I sent the link to Drew and we tried it.

Before church I casually mentioned to Isaac that we need to be reverent and think of Jesus during sacrament meeting. Then we walked in reverently and the magic started. Isaac sat down and folded his arms and Stella followed. They were both reverent during the song. Isaac even tried to sing along. Then the opening prayer and announcement and still no problems. Another song and then the sacrament and they were both excellent! I was amazed. After I gave Isaac a pad of paper and a pen and he kept himself busy while sitting reverently on the bench. He even asked why everybody kept saying "amen" without a prayer. So we explained that they were bearing their testimonies and after everyone says amen. He then wanted me to go bear my testimony but I have huge language problems so I said I would another time. But it worked! We made it through an entire sacrament meeting without any issues. Now I need to learn Spanish so I can get more out of the meeting. But it was a huge success.

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Corinne said...

how funny that you posted this today because i was just going to ask drew to post something about your ward and what it's like. tell me more! i am THRILLED that you had a good sacrament meeting experience. we need to savor those times, don't we???

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your church calling. Your mom told me you were the Y Women's president. You never did comment about how your talk went in Sacrament Mtg. or didn't you talk. Kids can be a challenge at church but sounds like you hit a good hint for keeping them quiet.
I enjoyed my visit with your mom and dad. It sure was cold down in Vegas on Friday (wind made it worse) not much warmer on Saturday.
Sounds like they are having a problem in Mid Manhatton this morning they are smelling gas from 56th St. down to 33rd and can't figure out where it is coming from they said the 911 system is being over worked because of people calling in wondering what the odor is. It is making some people sick it says. They say it smells like natural gas.
Give the kids a big hug and kiss from Great grandma & grandpa Heard.

Love you

Aaron & Debbie said...

i need to go and read this article right now:) thank you for sharing.