Saturday, February 24, 2007

Isaac's little prayer

Isaac was a little crazy today. He didn't have a nap, therefore, he was really hyper but he's three so that's to be expected. Anyways, this is how his prayer went tonight...

I'm thankful for my mom.
I'm thankful for when my dad plays with me.
Please help me to be a better boy.
I'm thankful for my sister.
Please bless the baby and my mom when she goes to the doctor.
Please let her bring the baby home.
Please help me to be a better boy.

I think I made him feel bad. Poor kid. But after, he said "mom I know how to repent." It was so cute. I'm so proud of him for repenting and wanting to be a better kid. It was really cute how he wants to bring the baby home too!

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Chrislynn said...

You guys are definitely teaching him the right things, what a sweet kid. BTW you are in our prayers too.