Sunday, April 01, 2007

I love NY

I had such a great week with my husband!! Monday I flew into New York to be with Drew for a few days. Flying without kids is an amazing experience. I didn't even care that I had a layover. Being able to sleep, read a book, listen to my ipod or just sit and relax was so nice. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love my kids and they are both amazing fliers but wow that was so easy by myself. After landing I took a taxi to our hotel. The firm was paying so of course it was a nice one. The best part was the view!

That night we went to dinner, Wendy's is so good and cheap, then to Best Buy to look for Nintendo Wii games and accessories and picked up a few books at Barnes & Noble. Shopping in America is so fun. We also stopped at Junior's our favorite New York Cheesecake spot.

The next morning Drew had to work so I went up to Westchester to visit a few friends. We made some great friends in the short time we lived in Westchester. Hopefully, they still remember us when we get back. After one friend went into labor I headed back to the city for a nice lunch at Drew's favorite restaurant. The food is amazing. I absolutely loved it!

After that I went out shopping and Drew went back to work. Later that night we watched a movie and just chilled.
The next morning was the big day! Drew was being sworn in to the New York Bar. It was great it took a whole 15 minutes! I was really glad I was there but couldn't believe how short it was. Why was law school graduation so long? Here's a clip of the important part...

After that we went to Grimaldi's. Their pizza is the best! They have good root beer too. Man I love food in New York. Good thing my doctor told me to gain some weight! After filling up on pizza we met up with Chrislynn, Drew's sister. She's so sweet to trek into the city pregnant and with her little guy Richie. It was really nice seeing her and being able to spend time together.

After saying good bye to Drew I met a few friends for dinner. It was so good seeing some of our old law school friends. I really loved our time living in the City. We had such a great experience and met some of the coolest people. I hope to keep in contact for a long time no matter where we live.

The next morning I had an early flight out of New York. Thanks so much Maggie and Aaron for letting me stay at your place! It was so nice being able to see my husband and friends. I miss everyone but I also missed my two little kiddos. Thanks so much to everyone that helped out! I really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a good time in NY Eryka. It was good you could be there with Drew even though it was for a short time. Nice you got to see some of your friends also. Looking forward to when we get to see you on your way back to Vegas.

Grandma & Grandpa

Amberly said...

Oh, you made me miss the city! I'm glad you had a few wonderful kid-free days with your baby. It sounded great!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss you guys! It was so nice to have family close by when my family was so very far away. I was thinking way back when you guys were in D.C. time sure does fly! Thank you for always being so sweet to me and letting me always crash w/you in NYC! The kids are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU,
Giselle Call ;o)

Aaron & Debbie said...

i am so glad you were able to go and see drew get sworn in, even if it only lasted 15 mins. i am way jealous that you got to go to the city and without kids:) hope you continue to have a great trip!

The Silly Witch said...

That sounds awesome! You Glovers really know how to make life fun.