Friday, May 04, 2007

Jet Lag

Wow! We're finally starting to recover from a serious case of jet lag. A 9 hour time difference is hard to adjust to. The kids finally slept most of the night. Unfortunately, I slept with Stella and Drew slept with Isaac. Hopefully by next week we'll have everything worked out. Wish us luck!

But now for a real update! Our trip to the US was so fun and relaxing. It's just what I needed. The only problem was missing daddy and oh boy did we miss daddy. It's so nice to be back together.

Here's a short recap of the trip.

First was a short visit in Las Vegas. Enough time to adjust to the time change and eat at Cafe Rio before driving over to Blanding. I really wish Blanding had a real airport. It would make life easier. Anyways, Once in Blanding we played with cousins, met Grandpa Worthy's fish and enjoyed Grandma Gail's spoiling.
I then took my first trip to NYC to meet up with Drew. He was sworn in for the bar and stuff. So he's a real lawyer now. It took about 15 minutes or 3 years of undergrad, 3 years of law school, a huge student loan and a little studying but its official now. Drew Glover is a lawyer! Congratulations babe!! I'm so proud of you. In NY we also enjoyed a lot of our favorite food and a little time together. Drew had to work most of the time but I tried my hardest to convince him that works not that important. I was somewhat successful.

After spending time with Drew I was back in Utah. The kids had a ton of fun with Grandma, Grandpa and all of their cousins. I don't even know if they noticed I was gone. The following week went by fast. On Tuesday Drew spontaneously bought tickets to come and see us for Easter. It was the best Easter surprise ever even though it was short. Thursday we drove up to SLC to pick Daddy and Grandma up from the airport. Friday morning we drove down to Blanding, Drew went golfing, we ran some errands, attempted to have family pictures taken and then had a baby shower for Kd. Saturday was another packed day with Drew getting in another round of golf, having an Easter Egg hunt with cousins and a yummy BBQ with family, then another trip up to the airport to drop Drew off. It was a ton of fun having Drew come to visit.

From SLC we drove down to St. George. There we spent time with Granny Sharleen and Grandpa Ray. We had another Easter Egg hunt and a great picnic at the park.

After a short drive we were in Las Vegas. Here Isaac finally learned how to ride a bike! They also enjoyed wearing Grandma Karen and Grandpa Victor out while enjoying just about every park they could find. We had a blast.

And I made another trip to NYC. This time to try and become legal in Spain. Yes, I know we've been there for 8 months but we still don't have a visa. So this trip was payed for by Davis Polk. They thankfully put us up in a really nice NYC hotel and paid for all our food and transportation. I was able to see a little more of Drew too. After doctor's visits and trips back and forth all over the city Drew was finally able to get his passport stamped with a visa. So we're halfway legal. I go back with the kids sometime in the near future.

After another trip across the country I was back in Vegas for a few days before we headed off to California. I was a little reluctant to make the trip but I'm so glad we did. The kids absolutely loved Sea World. Stella walks around the house saying"shamu gets Isaac wet" or "dolphins" they loved feeding the sea lions and dolphins. It was really nice of Grandma & Grandpa to take us to CA. Thanks so much! I loved it so much I think we could move there one day. We'll see.

We also stopped at the beach to hang out with some old friends from Law school. It was great visiting and watching the kids play at the beach! Thanks Kelli & Ann.

Our last couple of days we spent visiting with family. It was such a fun trip. Thanks to everyone for playing with us, helping with the kids, letting us stay at your house, transporting us to one place or another and everything else. We really appreciate it!!!


Dad and Mother said...

We miss you so much; we wish you could come back again soon. We love you all!

Corinne said...

WOW! What a trip! I can't believe how much you traveled around. Sounds like you had a fantastic time :)

Bree said...

You are amazing Eryka! And to think you did all that while being pregnant. It was so much fun to see you for the little time we had! Hope you recover from the trip soon. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Eryka so good to hear you got back to Madrid fine. Sounded like you had a little bit of a scare in Philly on the landing. We enjoyed seeing you and the kids so much and will be looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.


The Silly Witch said...

That final picture made me feel so jealous. You got to see Ann and Kelli. You're so lucky. Anyway, it's good to see you blogging again.

Nancy said...

You got to see Ann and Kelli! So fun! Looks like you had a great time.

Amberly said...

It sounds so great! I got especially homesick when I saw the pic of you kelli and ann- oh the kids are so dang cute!!

Lesli said...

Looks like it was a rather exhausting and eventful trip full of great memories. I'm glad you made home safe and sound. I'm sure it will be nice to "relax" for awhile. I'm also sure your Utah family misses you terribly.

Take Care.