Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I love paternity leave!

We've been so lucky to have Drew for the past 2 weeks and we get him for one more week! Here's a little update on what we've been doing.


This kid is such a sleeper!! It's awesome. But when he does decide to open his eyes he is such a cutie. He's a really happy, chill little guy. He had a doctor's visit yesterday and he's doing great. He's gained nearly a whole pound and grown almost an inch. I guess when all you do is eat and sleep you grow pretty fast. He also has a belly button.


My little princess. She's such a girl. She loves everything to do with princesses. From Cinderella to seeing Spain's Royal Palace. She thinks the princess is sleeping. She also loves to have her finger and toe nails painted. And every time she sees something she likes she says "Que Rico!" It's really cute. She also loves holding Joaquin. If he's ever crying (which hardly ever happens) she immediately goes over and gives him a kiss and says "it's ok baby" If this doesn't work she picks him up and brings him to us. Yes, our little 2 year old thinks that she can carry Joaquin around. Its kinda scary when you see her walking down the hallway saying "heavy, baby sad, heavy" So needless to say we try and keep a close eye on her.

He has totally enjoyed all the daddy time he can get. He wakes up and asks what he can do today. Meaning can we play video games today. So Isaac and Drew have had some good bonding time with the Wii. Isaac also enjoys Joaquin. When he notices that Joaquin has his eyes open he goes over and says "Hi I'm Isaac." Just in case he has forgotten. He also loves to hold his brother. Today he received a new DVD in the mail from Grandma Gail. This totally made his day! He loves scooby doo. Thanks.


Has been a bumb. He loves paternity leave too. He has enjoyed spending time with the kids and relaxing. He's read a few books, played a lot of Wii and been a great Daddy and husband. I love seeing him with the kids. He's so good at giving them each quality time and seeing their needs. He's also been a lot of fun to bum around with. I'm really going to miss him when he goes back to work.


Wow, I love my family. Three kids is awesome. I love seeing them all interact together. It feels like we all have a part and we fit together perfectly. I love them all so much. I've been feeling great. My recovery has been awesome. I'm a little tired thanks to Joaquin having such a big appetite but other than that I don't feel like I've had a baby. It's been great. We're trying to get right back into things. I'm starting a Spanish class tomorrow. I really need some help with my conjugating and past tense. My comprehension is really good but nobody understands me. So hopefully this will help.

We're trying to enjoy our last week with Daddy by seeing some of Madrid's sites. Today we went on the Teleferico, this was Drew's first time. The kids loved it and Drew was able to see the Palace for the first time. Later this week we'll try and hit the Zoo, an amusement park and maybe a couple museums. We are also excited for the first BYU game on Saturday night. We'll probably order pizza and hopefully be able to watch the game. It's kind of hard being in Spain. They don't really broadcast BYU football here. So hopefully Drew will be able to find it!


Bree said...

What a cute family you have Eryka! I am glad to hear that you love having three. It gives me hope! Enjoy the week with Drew and tell everyone hi for us.

Dad or Mother Glover said...

Isaac, you're welcome. I'm glad you liked the DVD I sent you. It was wonderful to hear your voice on my phone. Eryka and Drew, you guys are such a great family! You could teach parenting and couples relationship classes. Eryka, good luck with the Spanish class.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Stella is a good little mother to Joaquin. Sounds cute that Isaac is letting him know his name. Wish we could see them but glad you send pictures to keep us up to date on their growing up. I sent a package via Drews work. I sent it yesterday so don't know how long it takes to get to you so be looking for it.

Love you all
Granny & g-grandpa

debbie said...

looks like you are having a great recovery and having fun as a family. you are amazing with how well you bounce back!

Lesli said...

What a sweet family and Joaquin is a doll. I'm so glad your sweet family gets this time together!