Sunday, August 19, 2007

Joaquin's Story

It feels so good to be home. The hospital was really nice and pretty posh (We had a garden room.) but nothing is quite like home.

If my whole pregnancy went as smoothly as my labor, we'd be having a lot more kids. This is how it all started.

Tuesday, I had an appointment with the doctor and we decided to schedule an induction for Monday, August 20. I was excited. I've been having contractions for the past 2 months and on bed rest and medication for most of the time. So even though it was early, he would have been 37 weeks and considered full term, I think we were both ready. So I had an appointment to have some monitoring done Friday morning.

Friday morning I had had a couple contractions, this wasn't anything out of the ordinary but I called the doctor to let him know and just to confirm that I would be going in to the hospital for monitoring. When I got to the hospital they checked me. This is when we found out I was in labor and going to be having a baby shortly. I was at a 5 and apparently having contractions. The midwife told me to call Drew and she'd be back in a few minutes to start an IV. I was kind of shocked because I wasn't in any pain at all and I didn't feel these contractions. I really wanted to walk around for a while, climb some stairs anything to maybe get things going to a point where I had some pain or at least could feel the contractions. But she said we needed to start the antibiotic drip. (I'm strep B positive and your supposed to have the antibiotic for at least 4 hours.)

So they started the drip and I waited for Drew to come. During this time I found out that my doctor was just boarding a plane and wouldn't be able to make it. So I met my new doctor. He was really nice and a great doctor but doesn't speak English.

I was starting to rethink the whole idea of having a baby in Spain by this point. I thought great. I'm going to be stuck in bed all day with a pitocin drip waiting for contractions to start and slowly having this baby. Not the ideal picture in my head.

Then Drew showed up and I immediately felt like everything was going to be okay. I was progressing a lot faster and without any pain. The doctor and midwife kept coming in to check on me to see if I wanted an epidural or if I was even feeling the contractions. They were a little amazed that I was dilating as fast as I was and still had no pain. I ended up not needing the pitocin.

At 2:00pm they came to see how I was doing. I still had no pain and I was dilated to a 9. Now we were just waiting for the antibiotic to finish or my water to break. We didn't have to wait long. At 2:15 they checked again and my water broke. Within a minute I was ready to push. This is also where the no pain stops. I had some pretty intense pain as soon as my water broke.

After that it all went really fast and painful! They wheeled me to the delivery room and transfer ed me to another bed. After 2 pushes he was out. I don't know how anyone else does it. I only had 10 minutes of pain and that was enough for me.

But the part we had all been waiting for was finally here. Joaquin Alexander Glover was born at 2:25pm. He came out screaming and didn't stop for the first 30 minutes or so. He was active and breathing on his own. Just what I wanted to hear.

Joaquin is such a little guy. He's really calm and easy going. He's a cuddler! He loves to be held. He has hair everywhere and the hair on top of his head is falling out. We can't tell what color his eyes are yet. He's a sleeper. He's a really good nurser. He has long fingers and big feet just like his big brother and sister. His nose is a little crooked but we still love him. He's a finger sucker and has been for quite a while. He has a brown patch on his finger from sucking it in the womb. He has little ears and the cutest facial expressions. We love him so much. I feel so blessed to have him in our family. I can't believe how fast you can bond with a new baby. We defiantly all have.

Mom with Isaac & Stella right before leaving to go to the hospital.

The proud Dad!

Mom right after delivery.Isaac & Stella meeting Joaquin.Stella being a big sister.Joaquin thinking hard.

Isaac holding his new brother.

Our happy family!!!


Tim and Nancy said...

Each of your labors are epic stories. I am just glad you never had birth in a taxi, or at home without help. We hope all the family can get some rest now.

laura said...

I'm so glad everything went so well. He's cute and you look great, Erica! You deserve only 10 minutes of pain for the crazy pregnancies you endure. I'm so glad he's safely here. Wish we could bring you dinner and meet the little guy!

Chrislynn said...

You are amazing Eryka! Good work on the little guy, he is very cute.

JessK said...

Glad he's safe and sound and home! He's adorable. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

What a darling family all five of you. You deserve an easy delivery after what you go through during your pregnancies. All the pictures we just love.

Love you
Granny & g-grandpa

Dad or Mother Glover said...

Thanks so much for the pictures of our new grandson and his family. Eryka looks tired, Drew looks paternal, big brother and sister look awestruck, and Joaquin looks like a Glover! We're excited to visit you all in October. Love, Mother

Corinne said...

yay! Three kids! You all look fantastic. Congrats!!

Kim said...

Wow, those pictures made me cry for several reasons. One, he's beautiful. Two, you all look so happy. Three, you are too far away for me to give you a hug and hold the new little one. Congrats and we love you.

The Silly Witch said...

You guys are awesome. I love how you were so brave to have a baby in Spain. I'm amazed at how completely adorable Joaquin is, and I'm so very very very happy for you! Congratulations.

Ashlee said...

Congratulations!! You are so brave delivering in a foreign country--I'm glad it went well! I hope he and you can get some sleep! -Ashlee, Jason, Jackson & Kennedy Burt

Aaron & Debbie said...

you are one tough girl, i could never do that. your little family is adorable... congrats!

Nancy said...

Congratulations! We're so excited for you!

AzĂșcar said...

Congratulations! Our newest little guy's middle name is Joaquin, so we totally approve!