Monday, September 10, 2007

Today is Joaquin's due date...

I'm so thankful Joaquin was born early! I can't imagine still being pregnant. Or the thought of how much he's grown in the past 3 weeks and having that come out instead of my little guy. I'm so glad I have small babies.

He's doing great. He's still a really happy baby that just likes to sleep and eat. When he is awake he's happy being held or just chillin. He's even happy being tortured by his older sister. She loves to play dolls and pretend to be his mommy.

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G-Ma Karen said...

Of course the big sister likes to play mommy. I wonder if she'll try nursing her dolls like her mommy did as a little girl. Now that's a mommy in training. And Joaquin is such a cutie, we love to get to see him via webcam. Can't wait to get to see them in person and spend some Grandma time with my grandkids.