Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The second day!

Saturday we got lucky and Dad was able to hang out with us! We took the double decker bus tour around. It worked out great for us since we had little time but still wanted to see everything. In front of Big Ben.
Westmintster Abbey
The Tower of London
Tower of London
A few things I really loved about London...
*Everybody can understand me.
*They have Dr. Pepper.
*Fast food is so easy to find.
*Shopping - even though I didn't have time for this.
*Spending time with my family on a mini vacation.


Nancy said...

Eryka - looks like it was fantastic! It's so great that you guys get all this international experience. I would love to go to London.

debbie said...

it looks like you guys had a great time. i love all of your pictures!

i love london but i would love to go back sometime, thanks for bringing back some fun memories aaron and i had when we were first married:)

sara said...

dude, you are looking really good for only having had the baby 2 months ago! nice work!

Ashlee said...

Isn't London so great?!?!?