Monday, November 26, 2007

It's about time...

Wow. It's been a while since we've posted. And a lot has happened.

Drew's parents came to visit.

We blessed Joaquin.

Now I have no clue where to start. We had so much fun with Drew's parents. We met them at the airport Sunday morning and took them straight to church for Joaquin's baby blessing. I'm sure they were beyond tired and exhausted but they were great sports dragging their luggage on the subway. Drew blessed Joaquin and then we were able to enjoy the primary program. I love the primary program. Isaac was very animated and into it. Before I had told him if he sang loud he could have a treat. He definitely earned it by coping the primary president's every move. It was really cute.

Later that evening we tried to let grandma & grandpa rest a little before we shipped them off to Barcelona the next morning. We wanted to give them a chance to see more of Spain and stay in a nice hotel to try and get caught up on sleep. (It's a really tough time change.) Wednesday we gladly welcomed them back. It was so nice to see how Isaac & Stella really warmed up to them so fast. They really love their grandparents. I'm sure Joaquin does too.

While they were here we went to a few museums, visited Retiro park, went to the Zoo, and explored Madrid. It was so fun! Thanks so much for coming. We really love you guys and miss you tons.

We also have friends! A new family moved to Spain a few weeks ago and we've been hanging out at parks and everywhere else ever since. It's been great. They have two little boys the same ages as Stella & Isaac and they all play really well together. I'm so excited to finally have a friend with kids here. It feels great.
We also had an awesome Thanksgiving Dinner with friends. I love everything about Thanksgiving. The pies, turkey, cranberry sauce, more pies, mashed potatoes and gravy, slush...I could go on forever. I love it and especially spending time with friends and family. I love how friends can become family.

After we ate we also chilled, played some Wii, watched movies, ate more, played settlers and watched the BYU v. Utah football game. Go Cougars! It was the perfect ending to a great night!

Now we can really start celebrating Christmas! I'm so excited. I love Christmas. I have most of my Christmas shopping done but you can always find more. This year we're also going to Paris and Euro-Disneyland. I can't wait. Three of my favorite things all in one; Christmas, Disneyland and my family all in Paris!

So hopefully I can stay on top of posting. Three kids ca keep you really busy. With Joaquin sleeping through the night I can't use my favorite excuse that I'm tired. We love everyone and miss you tons!


Dad or Mother Glover said...

We love you guys and had the most wonderful time! Now it's your turn to come to us! Hugs and kisses to all the Madrid Glovers!

Nancy said...

Eryka, your blog looks great! And so does your family! I'm glad you're getting the most out of living in Europe.

I'm also very jealous that you get to spend Christmas in Paris! I love Paris!

G-Ma Karen said...

Love your new blog, it's really a nice one. But best of all we get to see pictures and hear from you. The kids are all growing so fast. Glad you had a wonderful time with Drew's parents. We hope to be the next ones there. Also I am happy for you getting to find a family the whole family can have fun with. And I'm sure this Christmas will be really fun, Disneyland, wow that will be fun for all of you.
We love you all and miss you alot. Hugs and kisses to all.

Corinne said...

I love Drew's parents! How awesome that you got to have a great visit. It's lovely to see what's happening with you all. I remember when you blessed Isaac, I have a picture of us all together in my living room, remember that?? :)

Anonymous said...

Was hoping we would get to see you for Christmas but sounds like you will have a great Christmas in Paris and at Disneyland there. The kids will really enjoy that. Sure enjoy all the pictures that you post on your blog. Glad Gail and Worthy were able to go over and visit with your family and have a great time. Hope your mom and dad will be able to make it over before your 2 years are up. Sure would be fun to visit over there.