Friday, January 18, 2008

The Dentist

Isaac and Stella both had dentist appointments today.  They went great.  Stella went first and was very cooperative.   She was a little super star.  Isaac was nervous and she really helped to calm him down.  I'm so glad she didn't freak out.  Unfortunately, her two front teeth both have cavities but I'm not to worried.  They put sealant on the back molars and she did  great.  

Next was Isaac and he hesitantly let them take x-rays.  He was awesome with the rest.  He let them brush, floss and put sealant on his teeth also.   And he has 1 cavity on a back tooth.  

I guess we need to brush better.  

Afterwards, Isaac told me he wants to be a dentist when he grows up.  I'm glad they had a good experience and at least so far don't mind going.  


Tim and Nancy said...

A dentist? I thought your boy would want to be a big time lawer like his Dad.

G-Ma Karen said...

Good job on your cooperation at the dentist. I hope they gave you a prize, like you mommy use to get when she went to the destist. She always wanted to go to the toy chest for her prize for being good. Were counting down the days to our visit to Madrid to see all of you, we can't stand the wait. Hope your as excited as we are. Love you all.....

Anonymous said...

Great your mom and dad get to go over to see everyone. Wish it was me. Maybe when you get back to NY I can get a chance to go back there again. Would love to get a chance to look around there more.
Sounds like the kids did great at the dentist except for the cavities. It is always quite an experience to take little ones to the dentist.

Nancy said...

dentist! great choice.