Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a few of my favorite things...

-The smell of freshly bathed kids in pj's
-Stella's hugs before she goes to sleep.
-Quiet time with Joaquin after the other two are down for the night
-Joaquin's smiles.
- Quiet time by myself after all the kids are asleep.
-Reading a book on the sofa while I wait for Drew to come home.  


Gail said...

Let me add one more -- the JOY on your face when your husband comes home!

eryka said...

that is for sure my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like quiet time after the kids are all down for the night.

Jordan & Jodi said...

Hey Eryka- I just starting Blogging and yesterday I saw tons of old friends who also blog. How are things? My email: jmneeley@juno.com and my blog is http://mcdofamily.blogspot.com/
I just started a few days ago so I am just getting use to all the cool things that can be done. Hope to hear from you soon.

Lesli said...

Those sound like great favorites Erykah!

Lesli said...

Those sound like great favorites Erykah!