Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little girls

Stella has quite the personality.  Lately she'll say the funniest things.  Here are a few examples...

We were out and I had a bag of garbage I needed to throw away.  I told Stella and she thought that I said we needed to throw Joaquin away.  She started crying and saying but we love him.  You can't just throw a baby away.  You a mommy, you need to love your baby.  I clued in and comforted her while trying to hold back from laughing.  

background...She is a HUGE daddy's girl = she usually gets whatever she wants.  
Stella:  Daddy, Please can I have ?
Daddy:  ok.

So I thought this could work to my advantage too.  I just need to get Stella to ask for say a Range Rover, or a boat or a shopping spree for mommy & stella.  So I tell her to ask Daddy for these things and she flat out tells me NO.  

She keeps telling me how excited she is to go back to New York.  (I'm not even sure she remembers New York!)  

She calls any group of kids "chicos" but she is not a "chico" or a "chica"  just a princess.  

I can't remember what we were talking about but she just starts saying, "Mommy, we girls.  We important people.  What would happen without girls?  We just girls.  I promise."  

I love her so much!  


Worthy Glover Sr. or Gail Glover said...

So happy to hear that self-confidence is not an issue for Stella! She really is Daddy's girl! (Love you, Drew!)

Nancy said...

she sounds so cute!

Anonymous said...

Guess you are going to have to take a lesson from Stella on getting her dad wrapped around her little finger. She sounds so cute. Will be so glad when we are able to see all of you again.

The Silly Witch said...

Ha ha it sounds like Stella know her limits on what she can get Daddy to do. She sounds very adorable. It's so fun that I can know her a little bit through you blog.

Kim said...

Girl Power, Stella! You go, girl. I can't wait to see you all when I'm in NYC at the end of August. We'll have to meet for pizza or something?