Sunday, December 06, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

Tonight we enjoyed a yummy Breakfast for Dinner. Thanks to Dad's amazing skills in the kitchen we had a perfect meal. Waffles, sausage, strawberries, cream, orange juice, egg nog and cranberry juice. I love Breakfast at night.

I also just found this great Christmas sight. Check it out!


Worthy Glover Sr. or Gail Glover said...

Why not? And how lucky are you to get a great meal prepared by the man you love?! Thanks for sharing the video.

Anonymous said...

Since grandpa had been in the hospital I hadn't gotten onto your blog so had fun this morning reading all of them. I have a book we put together in RS some years ago that has a story to read each night before Christmas was going to get one made up for you but wasn't able to get it done will do so, sometime if you think you would like to have it the kids I think would really enjoy it. Enjoyed your call and was glad we cold help you out for your evening project.
Love you all