Thursday, December 03, 2009


Today was an unusually warm day in New York. Always appreciated but it didn't quite go with our Christmas Activity of making snowflakes. That's okay because we all enjoyed it. I'm so glad I decided to do the activity with my kids. I almost backed out at the last minute. Thursday's are crazy busy in a good way for me. Joaquin has speech therapy, Stella has story time at the library, Isaac has an after school club and I go into the City for school. On top of all that Joaquin had a long doctor's appointment and subsequently a long wait to fill a few prescriptions. And I'm a little stressed about part 1 of a final tonight. So after picking Isaac up he went home and started His homework while I started dinner. I thought about skipping the activity all together and then remembered a talk at Stake Conference. It reminded me to enjoy my children now and to put them at the top of my priority list. I immediatly knew I needed to take the extra few minutes to laugh with them and feel the love and joy of the season. So we made paper snowflakes. The kids loved it. They all made their snowflakes and folded each triangle carefully. Joaquin was so proud of himself. He was a big kid just like his big brother and sister. We had a great time together. When the babysitter arrived they proudly showed her their handy work. What a blessing it is to be a Mom. That time tonight was priceless for me. I'm now on the train into the City for class and instead of stressing over my final I'm smiling and remembering my blessings.

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Amberly said...

your perspective is refreshing and inspiring. when you get a minute to breath, would you mind sharing some of the activities you have planned for this month with your kids? I like the simplicity while they still have a ball!