Friday, June 04, 2010

Birthday Girl!

I can't believe it but my favorite little girl turned 5 today!!!!!

(Abby, Stella & Jane)

Stella Jane Glover
June 3, 2005
(more to come tomorrow)


Deanna said...

Happy Birthday Stella!

I can't believe it's been 5 years since we were both pregnant in NYC together. Good memories. Stella is beautiful!

I've been meaning to comment on your other posts. Love your house. I want to get together this summer. Either come see me in your new sweet ride or I'll come see you. It'll be fun to catch up. Miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

Hope Stella had a fun birthday. Glad grandma Karen was able to be there for it. I got to sing happy birthday to her and when I finished she said good by and hang up. I sent her a little purse today she will probably get it on Monday hope she likes purses.

laura said...

I can't believe I forgot Stella's birthday. Don't tell her. We'll send her a little something next week.

I love that picture (and memory) from camping last summer.

Miss you guys!

Nancy said...

i also can't believe it's been five years since robin and I were doing your baby shower invitations in robin's NYC apartment while emma slept in the kitchen next door. amazing how time flies. happy birthday to that cute little girl!

Kim said...

she is beautiful! happy birthday Stella.