Friday, November 05, 2010


I'm thankful for the power of prayer. It has been such a blessing in my life. Apparently, Isaac thinks so too. Here's part of our conversation tonight...

Isaac - "Mom, Can I say prayers whenever I want?"
Me - "Yeah, anytime you need anything or want to say a prayer do it."
Isaac - "YES!!! I really need them this weekend when I play video games."

Not quite the same experience I've had but I'm glad he has the faith to ask!


Anonymous said...

that good he now knows you can pray whenever you need to. I remember when you were little probably about Issac's age and don't remember what you had lost but you prayed about it and was able to find it right away. Do you remember that Eryka. Now is the time to teach them prayer when they are real young. Keep up the good work with you little family.


Corinne said...

So, somehow my reader lost your blog because I had no idea you moved! It wasn't updating your posts. CRAZY and AWESOME!! I can tell you're loving it, that makes me so happy. I'm now super glad I was able to see you once before you said goodbye to the East Coast :)

Miss you!

Jordan and Jodi said...

I LOVE this! ha ha ha! I miss your updates! :) I know it's that amazing SUN you're getting that doesn't keep you indoors all the time waiting for others to update! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I know you have been doing some interesting things lately but we never hear about them. Why!!!!!!!!!!