Wednesday, April 27, 2011

overwhelmed and under the weather

I know I haven't posted for a week.  Don't worry I haven't gone back into blogging hibernation.  Yet!  I just haven't been feeling well and I'm starting to realize that we're moving in 3 weeks.  So I'm a little overwhelmed.  I also started a new semester this past week.  Upper level classes are hard.  What was I thinking?  So I'm off to work on homework until I can't stay awake any longer.  Good night. 


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. When will they be picking up your furniture for shipment.

G-Ma Karen said...

Get some rest, hope your feeling better. I know you started coming down with a sore throat Saturday at our 5K. Thanks for you & Drew being there with me. Enjoyed our visit, sorry I had to go off to work. Love you all so much. Mom