Sunday, May 22, 2011

Isaac's party

What do eight year old boys love more than video games?  Lego Ninjago.  
This was such a hit.  We started out building legos and after everyone arrived we set up the Ninja arena.
Everyone picked a ninja spinner and then we battled.  
They played and played.  I had to stop them and ask if anyone wanted cake and ice cream.  
They did.  It was a fun party. 


G-Ma Karen said...

Wow someone had a blast for his early BDay party. And a yummy cake with all those candles. Love you Isaac.....

Jordan and Jodi said...

What a fun party...wish I would have been invited! You know, if we ever have a boy I'll need your help with party/present ideas! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures looks like everyone had a blast. Isaac hope you ate a piece of pie for granny.