Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brazilian bbq & jungle exploring

We went to Graded, the kids school for lunch today.  They invite all the new families for a bbq.  It was delicious.  When they bbq here they go all out.  I was too busy eating the food to take pictures.  Sorry.  We met a lot of really nice people.  I'm so excited to be part of the graded community.  

After lunch we went over to Davis and Asialene's apartment to check it out.  They also live in Portal do Morumbi.  This is the place we are hoping to get into.  The apartments aren't the best but the grounds and the freedom more than make up for it.  

Here are a few pictures of part of a playground and jungle area in Portal.  

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Gail said...

So glad you made it there safely! We LOVED visiting with you, and then we played tourists (big time!) in the city. We enjoyed our train ride home, even the 12 hour delay. Something about flooding over the tracks in Iowa. We arrived home at 8:00 this morning. After we finish paying for this trip, we will start saving up for the next trip to see you.