Sunday, August 14, 2011


I can't believe we've been here for two ana a half weeks.  The time has gone by so fast.  So here's an update on everything....

Housing.  The first few days we looked at everything in our price range.  It was overwhelming.  We found a few really nice apartments, a lot of really dumpy apartments and a few so so apartments.  We finally decided on an apartment in Portal do Morumbi.  It wasn't the nicest apartment we saw but the quality of life is the best.  The grounds are amazing.  It's every kids dream.  We have 4 pools, 2 indoors and 2 outdoors.  Playgrounds scattered throughout.  A jungle.  The kids love to roam all over the jungle.  A gym, tennis courts, soccer field and lots of freedom.  The jungle was probably our biggest selling point.  I love that the kids can just explore and be so happy.  We also have multiple families in our ward that live in Portal.  I'm really excited to be one of them. Hopefully, this week we can finalize the contract and move in.

Our Stuff.  Who knows when it will ever leave the USA let alone get delivered to our apartment.  I'm hoping for a year from now but it could be longer.  So in the mean time we ordered a few essentials online.  We are hoping 4 beds, a sofa, table and chairs, desk and a vacuum are delivered soon.  The problem with ordering online is it might take a month to be delivered.  I really hope it's delivered sooner, as in the next few days, but who knows.

Air shipment.  Part of our package included 1000 pounds for an air shipment.  Sounds good until you think about what a 1000 pounds is.  For us it includes a lot of toys, kids books, legos, air mattresses, bedding, a few kitchen essentials and I don't really remember what else.  It was packed in mid May.  It's been a long time.  Anyways, we knew that whatever was included would be all we would have for a long time.  Now I'm just hoping we get our air shipment soon.  It was hopefully already sent and is possibly waiting in customs (where it could sit for a few weeks) but more likely we be sent next week and then sit in customs for a while.  I hope it comes soon.

School.  The kids are loving school.  They've made a few good friends.  They love their teachers.  They rave about their school lunch.  So far school is a big hit.

Car.  Our plan is to buy a car tomorrow.  I'm excited to get a car with air conditioning, power steering, power locks and windows, an automatic and hopefully a programable radio.  That's everything our rental car didn't have.  I'll let you know what we decide to get soon.

Friends.  We have so many friends here.  It's awesome.  We play almost everyday.  We have playdates lined up for the following week.  I can't believe how different life has been here compared to Madrid.  Brazilians are so friendly.  The other American families are so friendly.  The families at school are so friendly.  I love it!

Sports.  Isaac and Stella are signed up for soccer.  I'm excited for them.

Life in Brazil has been great.  I think we have all adjusted well.  Now we just need to really learn portuguese.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get the apartment and your air shipment. Sounds like a nice place to rent. Glad the kids are enjoying school and everything along with mom and dad.


Steph said...

Yay for playing!! Let's make sure we do some of that this week. I hope everything works out with your living/furniture situation this next month. I can't believe that extra shipping fiasco!

Plugadão said...

Learn Portuguese will certainly be a big step, say it is difficult for English speakers, I hope everything works out well for you

G-Ma Karen said...

So happy things are going well for everyone. Sure will be nice to have your own place soon, at least you have some stuff ordered to use until your own items arrive, who knows when. Wow and a jungle to play in, that sound like a great place to play, hide and seek would be really fun there. It's great the kids like their school lunches. I remember you saying Isaac didn't like lunches in Madrid at his school. Love you all.