Sunday, September 04, 2011

so thankful

I've been really stressed about our finances in brazil lately.  So much so that I've let it get in the way of enjoying our time here.  I need to focus on my blessings and trust in the Lord.  So here's the beginning of my list of all the amazing things about Brazil.
-The People.  I've never met a happier, more loving and inviting group of people.  It's going to impact my kids lives so much.  I hope we can really incorporate these traits into our lives.
-The food.  It's so good.  I love beans and rice.  The fruit is so sweet.  The juices are so fresh.  I like almost everything I've tried.  
-Living in Portal.  I was hesitant to live in here.  The apartments are smaller than I was expecting but everything else about it is amazing.  It's so close to the kids school.  We have so many friends here.  Each one has been such a blessing in our lives.  Pasta night.  The playgrounds.  The Jungle.  The freedom.  
-Friends.  I don't know if I have ever moved anywhere and had so many close friends so fast.  It has been such a huge blessing.  I feel like each of us has multiple good friends.  We've only been here a month but with the friendships we have it feels like forever.  Thanks guys!
-My Kids.  This is by far one of my biggest blessings.  I have three amazing kids.  They are so good at adjusting.  They have embraced everything about this move.  We're living without all our stuff except the clothes we brought in our suitcases and they haven't complained once.  They sleep on hard crib size mattresses all in the same room and love it.  They have been so great.  I love them so much.
-My Husband.  Drew is the best husband I could ever have.  He works really hard to provide a great life for us.  He works really long hours but makes such a great effort to be a part of our lives.  He loves each of us so much.  He makes me laugh.  He's fun to be with.  He's a great example of living a Christlike life.  I'm so thankful for everything he does for me.  I love you babe!

So far Brazil has been great.  I'm loving it!  I can't believe we made the move.  It was such a good choice for our family.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity to grow so much.  I hope I can do a better job of remembering it.


Plugadão said...

I think the post very nice =)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are enjoying living in Brazil and that you have made so many friends.
Grandpa's test came back negative we are sure glad of that but they still want to do another CT scan in Nov. again. Wish he could put on a little weight he is down to 110 pounds way to thin.
Love you granny

Kim said...

I love reading your updates! I'm glad you're happy and your kids are, too.

Lesli said...

I really enjoy seeing how everything is going for your family - so glad all is well.

G-Ma Karen said...

So happy you are all happy with your move. Don't worry be happy, everything will work out financially for you and your family. Put you trust in the Your Heavenly Father and you will continue to be blessed. I love you, Drew and my Grandkids. You are an amazing daughter and so proud of you.

Hays said...

Loved taking a minute to catch up on your guys today. Brazil!!! Ahhh!!

Erin said...

Ummm.. you forgot the occassional mani-pedi! ;) Brazil wouldn't be the same without you guys! LUV YA!!! :D