Friday, September 29, 2006

living the high life

I tried leaving a post last night about how we just hired a nanny/cook/housekeeper. Blogger pooped out on me just as a tried to post it and the message was lost. That will teach me not to do my posting in the Blogger window.

Anyway, Daisy joins us from Bolivia. She’s only been here for one month, and unfortunately for her, she’s already been hired and fired by two different families. But not because she isn’t a good worker, but because she didn’t know how to make Spanish food. We’re not so picky – we just want her to keep our kids from killing themselves and each other.

So we’re feeling pretty guilty living the high life and taking advantage of cheap immigrant labor – well we shouldn’t feel too bad, because we’re actually helping her get some permanence in the country by registering her with social security and paying into the fund so she can get health and welfare benefits on top of what we pay her.

And today, I was able to assuage my guilt when Eryka told me it had been really nice this morning having Daisy around because she was able to spend more time playing with the kids. So I guess we can justify it to ourselves if we’re using her to help us with our kids rather than using her to raise our kids. Oh well, I’m not entirely sure how to justify it, but I think it works out well for Daisy and for us. And Eryka is definitely excited about school.

So is Isaac. We took care of the last of the paperwork today, but the school board for our district doesn’t meet until mid-October (maybe even November) so we can’t get official approval until then, but the Headmistress at the school has already approved us, and from what I understand, that is what really matters, so hopefully Isaac can start school on Monday.

We’re going to a fancy dinner tonight with all the lawyers in the office and their significant others. It’s my welcome dinner – 4 weeks after starting. We had to wait this long because it really just wouldn’t have worked while we were still in the hotel.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

So you get to live the high life with a nanny, cook, and housekeeper from another country. Does she speak spanish also? Or maybe the kids will be speaking a third language. Anyways that's great. hopefully she will last longer with you. We tried one from Mexico, and she didn't last to long, Eryka and her brothers scared her off pretty quick, but they were alittle older than Isaac and Stella. It will be great if Isaac starts school Monday. How's his spanish coming along? Email us your address when you get a chance.

Love You All, Mom (Karen)

Aaron & Debbie said...

i am so jealous! i wish i was living the high life.