Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm back!!!

Ok! So this will be really quick. I'm at school and I have a 10 minute break and they have internet. Wow! The only problem is I'm on a spanish keyboard and everything is different. Oh'well.

Hi Everyone. I miss you! We're loving Spian but I'm having a really hard time with the language. Why can't everyone just speak English!!! Hopefully I can figure it out soon enough to start design school in a few weeks.

I have to clear a few things up. We are living the good life here in Spain but we really needed to hire somebody to help with laundry. They don't have dryers here. And I have no clue how to hang clothes and Iron them!! jk. It's been great having Daisy. She's great with the kids and our house has never been cleaner.

Hopefully we get an internet connection soon. As soon as we do you'll get regular updates and pictures. The kids are doing great. Isaac is really learning the language. We'll be doing something and he'll slip in some spanish. It's really cute. Stella is still not saying anything. But I think her grunts have some spanish in them.

\i have to go but hopefully this sounds ok. I didn't have time to check it. Sorry!!! Love ya.


Anonymous said...

Was good to get your short message. You will soon get the spanish I am sure. Good Isaac is catching on real quick. Stella will get it also. I know I would have a hard time learning it.
Good Daisy is woring out good for you. How old of a person is she.

Miss you guys also.
Love you lots
Grandma & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Besure and send your address so I can send you your driver's licence.


Familia Martinez said...

Hi Eryka and Family,

Glad to hear from you again. We missed getting your blogs. Sounds like you have been busy. How's the Spanish coming along? Enjoy your classes, then you will be able to talk to your Dad and his family in spanish. They would love that. We set up our office today with a new wall desk. It's looking real nice. Keep up the blogs when you get the time and a computer with internet. Can't wit till you get it at your apartment.

Hugs and Kisses, Love Ya,