Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Columbus Day!!

Today is Columbus Day in Spain. For a second I had to wonder to myself why Spain would care at all about Columbus Day. Duh! They financed the voyage and it was the beginning of a global Spanish Empire. So much for empire, but the Spaniards certainly love their holidays. Everyone gets the day off, which means the Spanish office administrators and legal assistant are out of the office, the Spanish clients we work for are out of the office, and I'm working to make sure a Spanish issuer can make their deal happen in time. They also hold a grand parade just right down the block from our house and my office. It is seriously a big deal - a whole big militairy march, fly-overs by fighter aircraft - the whole schebang. And I missed it because I was processing some documents.

So the family came to bring me lunch while I slaved away. On the way here, Isaac saw the Mini-Cooper dealership next to my office and thought he would look pretty good riding in one. He asked Eryka to buy him one, and she said we didn't have enough money, and that maybe if Daddy worked more, we would have enough.

While he was visiting in my office, he asked if I had enough money. I thought he was speaking in reference to me having to work today (or at all). That's because when I leave for work in the morning, he asks why I go and I tell him it's so we have money to live. Therefore, I reasoned he must have assumed if I had enough money I could come home and play. Eryka must have thought the same thing because she assured him we had enough, but I still had to work because I had a deal to get done.

So where did he go when he left my office, with the assurance that we had enough money? Straight to the MiniCooper dealership to buy himself a new car. Unfortunately, they were closed for the national holiday, so we'll have to take care of that another day.

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