Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's supposed to be a secret, but those glasses aren't fooling anyone

The original Superman was showing tonight on our cable movie channel. Both of the kids really wanted to watch it, which wasn't a surprise as far as Isaac was concerned. But it was amazing how Stella was totally into it. She was exhausted since she didn't get a proper nap today, but she refused to go to bed. Instead she cuddled into mommy and fixed her eyes on the screen all the way to the end.

When it was over, Isaac informed us that Stella was Lois Lane. It was silly of us to even ask who was Superman. Isn't it obvious?

Other news of note: Eryka's Young Women (she's the Young Women's President, in case you didn't know) had their "New Beginnings" program this evening. It went off really well. Our Bishop was very impressed. He's from the states, and he has been here for 15 years and he said he hadn't seen anything like that in the whole time he's been here. That was an excellent complement for Eryka. Fact is, he's just thrilled to have another American family in the ward.


Corinne said...

I'm so glad that your New Beginnings went well! Yay!! I'm not surprised though - Eryka is such a creative sort.

Anonymous said...

Glad your New Beginnings turned out so good. Danielle's young women's had theirs a week ago Saturday. She went to a ROTC ball last night said she had fun. Would like to have seen here in her formal but didn't get to but she said that she had her picture taken to will get to see that.

Kd said...

Congratulations on your successful New Beginnings!