Monday, February 26, 2007

The best take-out in Madrid

So one of the bummers about living and working in Madrid is that there isn't really any good take-out when you're working late. In New York I could get just about whatever I want. But when I get special deliveries from the family, it makes up for it. Eryka and the kids brought me a burrito dinner tonight and it was fantastic.

The kids are really funny when they come to my office. Isaac runs straight for the stapler. I don't know what it is with that kid and my stapler, but he just wants to start stapling everything in sight. Stella tosses her jacket as soon as she gets in and she's so excited she starts shouting at nothing in particular. They both start grabbing papers and highlighers, Isaac starts asking for juice and nuts (we keep a refrigerator stocked with different soda and sports drinks, and have a wide variety of nuts and other salty snacks) and they both make various attempts at creating giant mess out of my office (as if it weren't already a total disaster). It gets a little bit crazy for the 3 minutes that they are there, but every minute is a pleasure seeing how excited they are just to be there.

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