Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just a few things that made me smile!!

1) The other day we received our first package from the USA sent to our home address. We were pretty excited when we go the slip in the mailbox. So we went to the post office to see what we got.

My sweet Aunt Denise sent us a care package with a bunch of little things we missed. Candy, lip gloss - thank you so much!! we all love those and now have a 2 year supply! This really cool roll on paint for kids. They loved it and it smells really good. We love getting stuff from family. Thanks so much!!

2) Drew came home for an hour today to spend some time with Isaac. He's been having a hard time with controlling his bladder lately. Isaac absolutely loves his dad. So to have him come home from work was really special time. He even put Isaac down for bed. (This is what made mommy's day!!) I love to see the two of them play swords or laugh at old mickey mouse cartoons! I love my boys.

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Kelli said...

Hi Eryka-
It's been a long time. Amberly sent me a link to her new blog and I saw that you are one of her links. Congrats on expecting baby # 3. You must know that I never cease to be amazed at how easy you make things look. When you were pregnant w/ Stella, no one would have ever known that you were so sick because you were always smiling, cooking, playing, and planning get togethers. You life sounds like a true adventure. If you want to come lay on the beach come visit me in Orange County, in fact move here and be our neighbors. I don't believe we saw Drew doing karoke on our cruise, so I think we need to go again. Life here is great. You will love having a house when get one, though you can't just call the landlord if ants are overunning your kitchen. I'll try to send some pictures of Louis sometime. It is great to the ones you've posted. Stella's blonde hair is shocking, though Louis is very light also. Issac is truly a little boy now. I miss you much!