Saturday, February 17, 2007

I love...

I had such a good time in Barcelona this past week. If you ever get a chance to stay in a 5 star hotel for free you should take it! The service is amazing. One example, I wanted to watch a movie one night and we didn't have a dvd player with us. So I called the hotel from the video store and asked if our room had one. He said no but that he'd have one in my room by the time I got back. I was so excited!

Anyways, I'm so glad we went with Drew. It was a great reminder of what I love. I love to go on adventures. Not just the trip but day adventures where I take the kids and we go out and really play hard. Full days at the Zoo adventures. Where your kids realize they love dolphins. Trips to the beach. Where you can sit for hours playing in the sand or take your pants off and run in and out of the water even though its February! Just playing and having fun with my kids. I really loved doing this in the City because I always had amazing friends that would come along. So here in Madrid, I haven't done anything like that because I don't have the friends to come along but going to Barcelona I realized I have two amazing kids that are my best little pals and they are always willing to come along. I love them. So now I'm so excited to be in Madrid. I have a lot of big adventures right here in my own backyard!

I also realized how much I love Drew. He's an amazing husband and he always knows what I need and then he does it! He knew I needed this trip and so at the last minute he booked it. He didn't care about the cost. He just knew I needed something fun and so he made it happen. I don't know what I'd do without him. I love him to death!!


Chrislynn said...

Eryka, you are my hero. Sometimes I wish I was as brave and adventurous as you. I'm not sure there is as much cool adventure to be had in New Jersey, though.

eryka said...

Oh Chrislynn, I can tell you about a couple cool NJ adventures we've been on.
1. A really cool kid park - I took Isaac when he was just under 2. We both loved it. I can't wait to go back.

2. Another fun place is Storybook Land. It's a drive but if your up for an adventure you should get a couple friends and try it. You might have to wait until Richi gets a little taller. I think most rides you have to be 34" tall. But its fun!

3. Just driving in NJ is an adventure! jk just google random things and you'll find tons! Have a couple fun NJ adventures for me!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are getting to see so many things while you are over in Spain. Do as much as possible before the new baby gets here it may be a bit harder after by yourself.