Saturday, February 17, 2007

Six weird things about me

Debbie tagged Eryka, but she is too busy/sick/tired/fill-in-the-blank to post much lately so, here I go:

I am awesome at karaoke, but only do it on cruises.

I've dragged my wife and family all over the country and all over the world for my education and my career, but I'm really a homebody and prefer lounging around the house to going out and doing anything.

I sing the same silly songs to my kids that my dad sang to me when I was a kid, and I'm constantly surprised at how much the things I do with my kids remind me of my childhood with my dad.

I'm quickly identified as a foreigner in Spain, but not usually as an American (my cabbie the other day thought I was German).

I love video games and will probably always try to get the latest Nintendo system just for the Legend of Zelda games.

I absolutely love fantasy and science fiction novels and always find it a pleasure when I happen upon a talented new author.


Tim and Nancy said...

That is some awesome karaoke. Where can I find the full version?

drew said...

I don't think the full version exists. You'll have to join us on a cruise if you want to see more of that. We're planning one in May if you want to join us.

eryka said...

I've got a copy for you! But we really should go on a cruise together. I love vacations with friends!!

Corinne said...

Drew, it's possible that I may not have truly lived until now that I have seen you rock out to Funky Town.

Chrislynn said...

Little Richie thought the karaoke was pretty funny, he was dancing along. I am with you on the home-body stuff, all the way.