Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm caught up!

This is probably the silliest post ever but I'm so excited! I'm finally caught up on laundry!!! For the past month I've been behind and slowly trying to catch up. But I did it today! I just have to finish putting together all the socks. But I'm going to do that tonight after the kids go to bed. I'll watch a movie and fold socks. Have a fun friday night!!


Kim said...

That is so not silly. I have a friend who actually throws a party with her sister when she gets to the bottom of the laundry basket (it doesn't happen very often). Now the trick is to not get anything dirty...good luck!

Corinne said...

I am always so proud of myself when the laundry is finished. Of course, always an hour later there is more, but it still feels good!

Kd said...

Eva's favorite book to read (to herself) at night is Calvin & Hobbs. My favorite is when she repeats the jokes to me, I am surprised that she understands so much of the humor. I swear Thomas is Calvin, he makes all the same faces and his hair is always sticking up everywhere. Congratulations on your laundry!