Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm so glad when daddy comes home...

I think we've had a little streak of bad luck but hopefully its over.

Friday we had a good day. Isaac had a friend over after school and we ordered pizza for dinner. I love to see how little things like ordering pizza can make my kids so happy. The pizza man was laughing at how hysterical they were. Gotta love Pizza hut!

Saturday was a good day too! We slept in a little bit. Mostly because Stella kept us all up Friday night. I don't know why but she didn't want to sleep. After getting ready the kids played toys, puzzles, dress up anything they could find while I finished last minute stuff for a church activity. They were great. We also made Dad some cool father's day cards.

This is where the bad luck started. We went to leave the house for the activity and I put my key in the door and it wouldn't turn. I couldn't figure out why. We just had our locks changed so I figured maybe I grabbed an old key but I needed to go so I figured somehow when we came home we could get it to work or figure it out. So we left for the activity.

It went really well. We had the perfect amount of food and the youth loved the 50's theme. They totally got into the grease soundtrack. Who knew spanish youth knew how to swing dance and jive. A couple of them even dressed up. I love my calling!

Anyways, when we got home we still had no luck. The door wouldn't budge. I really didn't want to call a locksmith and spend $100 so they could slip a thin piece of plastic up my door. (we've done this before) Plus my phone needed to be recharged and was out of minutes so calling was impossible anyways. Drew was coming home from London in a few hours so I figured we could go to the movies and watch Shrek. It sounded like a good idea and by the time the movie ended we could meet Drew at the apartment and all be happy to see daddy before bed. If only things were this easy.

We headed out for the movie after a little convincing (Isaac's not a big fan of going to the movies, I think the big screen makes everything a little to real) and a promise of ice cream at the theatre. So far so good, right. Well when we came up from the subway it was pouring rain. No umbrella and no stroller I wasn't about to let a little rain or a lot stop us from getting to the movie. So we decided it would be fun and we could jump in the puddles and make the most of it. Luckily the kids both had jackets because it only took about 2 minutes until we were drenched. So soaking wet but happy and excited for the movie we finally got to the theatre. I went to buy tickets only to find out that Shrek doesn't come out until June 22. We were a few days short of this.

So plan B went into action. Meet Drew at the airport or wait in our hallway for the next few hours. The kids chose to meet Dad at the airport. On the way walking back to the subway in the pouring rain I started to wonder if this was such a good idea. We didn't know what airline, what terminal or even when Drew's flight was coming in. I knew it had been delayed because of the rain but that was all. I still had no phone to call and ask or at least warn him to look for us.

So we went to plan C. Isaac was hungry and wet and tired. It's about 10:30pm by this time. So we came back up from the subway and found a McDonald's. I love McDonalds. Defiantly not for the food but for the fact that its American and comforting to me and my kids. And this McDonald's had a playland. I was so happy! We could get some food and ice cream and the kids could play and not get rained on. Things were looking up. We spent a good hour in the playland and then decided to go home and meet Drew. His key had to work.

Nope. After McDonalds, we took a cab home. It was late and still raining. After about 15 minutes of waiting in our lobby we heard the keys and Daddy was home. I was so excited. Up to this point the kids were fabulous. We had all been positive and happy. We also thought that Dad's key would work and we could finally got to bed. It was 12:30am. But yet again I was wrong. Dad's key had the same problem mine had. He immediately pulled out the blackberry (I was actually really glad he had a blackberry for once!) and called a locksmith. 30 minutes later we were in! I was so thankful for Drew. So that's how his Father's Day started. We love you Daddy!!!


Anonymous said...

What a experience you guys had. Something interesting to put into yur journals. Eryka are you doing journals for your kids with all the experiences you are having in Spain so they will have something to look bck on when they are older and probably won't remember to much about all the things they did while living in Spain, Hope Drew had a good Father's Day anyway.
Granny Heard

Amberly said...

oh boy! you are a trooper- sure glad drew's blackberry was charged and ready to go! glad you made it home (inside) safe and sound. great story!

Bree said...

I have one question for you- Is that normal for your kids to be up that late? You have said Spain eats at different times so do they sleep at different times too? Just wondering. You are so good to have such a good attitude about everything. I miss ya tons!

eryka said...

No way are my kids normally up that late. They are up later than most kids in the US. They usually go to bed around 9:30pm. Before the time change they would go to bed at 8:30. Part of why they stay up so late is the fact that it doesn't get dark here until 10pm and Drew will either come home on a good night at 9ish or at least come to visit and say good night. I miss you too!

Melissa said...

Eryka you never cease to amaze me! You are an amazing mom! I would've had a nervous breakdown, but you had such a good outlook on everything. I love reading about your families adventures!

sara said...

this totally took me back to some of the miserable days i had with two little kids in brooklyn. i can't believe you did all that pregnant, too! you are a rock star.