Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer has begun

Isaac had his last day of school today. He's learned so much this year. Mainly, spanish. I love hearing him play with other kids in spanish. The other day he was asking for "pegatinas." I thought he was making up a word, which he is known to do, but Drew decided to give him some credit and looked it up. It's an actual word. It means stickers. Now it makes me wonder how many words he's said that I thought he just made up.

He's also learned how to sit still. This is a HUGE accomplishment. He can now color within the lines, draw all his basic shapes, draw himself and others, cut straight with scissors and write his name. He knows how to work well with others, even in another language. His teacher has been amazing. It's been great seeing him grow and learn this year. He has really enjoyed school. I'm so glad we decided to have him start.

Now we're ready to start Summer!!! We're going to start by renting a car and going to a party at a new friend's country house. I just met her yesterday at a playgroup but she was so nice and helpful. She has convinced me that I'm going to have a great experience having a baby here in Spain. I have an appointment with her doctor, this is also the princess of Spain's doctor, on Tuesday. He takes patients by referral only. I've never heard of this but luckily she referred me. So I'm really excited to go see him. He's supposed to be the best.

Tomorrow I'm also going to go to lunch and get pedicures with another friend. I'm so excited for this. I haven't had a girl's day since I've been in Spain.

And last but definitely not least, Drew is taking half of next week off. So I think we might try going to the beach or at least finding a couple waterparks to enjoy around here. Either way it should be a lot of fun spending time with Drew.


G-Ma Karen said...

Good job Isaac, congrads on your completing your 1st year in school. Keep up the good work and keep Mommy & Daddy in suspense over words you know.
About your new doctor's appt, what a great opportunity to get into the "best". Hope everything goes great Tuesday. Sounds like you'll have made some friends and can go out and have some girl's time out. And best of all you'll have some family time with your hubby next week also. Have a great time...

Aaron & Debbie said...

it is amazing how much they learn in 1 year. good job isaac!

way to go on the doctor, that is so cool! let us know how it goes.

glad to hear you are getting some girl time, we all need it. have a fun time with drew next week!

Corinne said...

I hope you have a great outting!

Anonymous said...

Good job Isaac. You are going to have to teach mom and dad some new words. Nice Eryka that you found a new friend that always helps and will make your stay over there a little better or more fun. Have fun with dad off for a few days.

Love you granny

Lesli said...

Sounds like a great time for pampering and play - I hope your summer is what you want it to be!

Nancy said...

That's cool that you have the same doctor as the princess of Spain. My other friend got his jaw wired shut by the same surgeon who wired Ben Roethlisberger's jaw shut. I also hear you may be hanging out with the Beckhams. Tell Posh I said hi. ;)