Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Stella had her first missionary experience today! We have a couple friends staying with us for a few days and today Stella and one of their girls wanted a snack. So I gave them their snack and Stella wanted to say a prayer to bless the food. So we said a quick prayer and after C, their six year old, asked what we just did. I explained that we said a prayer to thank heavenly father for our food. She asked a few more questions but was really impressed that Stella wanted to do this all on her own at such a young age. I was reminded how easily we can share the gospel. I'm so glad that Stella is such a good example. Hopefully I can improve on this.

Happy 4th of July!!! Enjoy the fireworks for us.


Chrislynn said...

That is so cool. You guys are definitely doing something right. Little Richie isn't really into praying, but he is sure good at saying "Amen", he shouts it like a holy roller, it really entertains people in sacrament meeting.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the little ones to be an example to us older ones.
We will be thinking of you as we watch the fireworks toniht at the park. Only think I think it is really going to be hot out there tonight we have been having some really hot weather lately.
We were down to see your mom and dad over the weekend but they weren't able to get a hold of you on the computer.

Love you granny

The Silly Witch said...

That is so sweet. Sometimes I worry that I "undo" the natural sweetness that my children have by forgetting to say a prayer on a snack, etc.