Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Summer Fun

I've been meaning to blog but its just so hard to find the time. Or really after I put the kids to bed I get lazy and read a book instead. So right now the kids are playing and having a blast and making a huge mess but oh'well.

So, remember the party I said we were invited to at a friend's country house. It turned out to be an amazing vineyard estate. I'm not exaggerating at all by saying it was the nicest place I have ever been. It was so fun. We drove up in our rented Ford Focus station wagon. Yes, we rented the economy car and they upgraded us to the wonderful station wagon. We didn't care we had a car. Anyways, we show up and our car didn't quite fit. There were plenty of Range Rovers, Mercedes, BMW's a couple fancy sports cars and anything else that costs a lot of money. I thought wow they all got a better upgrade than we did. jk. The landscaping was amazing, the huge fountain in the parking lot, the duck and swan pond, the pool and pool house, and the main home. Wow! The front bathroom was full marble top to bottom and normally I wouldn't like this but it was incredible! Enough about the house just imagine any home in Architectural Digest and you get the picture. I was a little intimidated but as soon as we got out of the car we started to make friends. Everyone was so incredible nice and welcoming. Joanna and Emilio were incredible hosts. I've never felt so welcome to a party. It was a lot of fun. It started with drinks and appetizers for the adults and hot dogs on sticks, marshmallows and all kinds of kid friendly toys. We mingled for a while and met some more people.

Then they broke out the pinatas. They had three all full of candy and prizes. Isaac was the first to take a swing at it. He did a great job but they make pinatas to last now a days. So it took all the kids to break open the first. Then they had parents open the other two. This was pretty funny. Image 45 or so high powered, rich Spaniards swinging like crazy at a pinata. It was hilarious.

Then they had a tug of war contest. This was pretty funny too. I was really surprised how everyone really got into all the games. It was a lot of fun.

After this we headed over to the pool house where they had a huge table set for about 50 guests with full china. They also had a kiddie table decorated for the kids. So we were able to enjoy some excellent Spanish food without worrying about the kids. It was all really good and super fresh. Most of the food was grown at the vineyard.

After dinner we watched a real bullfighter show us how to bull fight. He was one of the guests. So we met a famous Spanish bullfighter. He even invited us to come and see him fight!

We met so many amazing people, ate great food and really had a good time. I'm so glad we went and am really excited to get to know Joanna better.

BTW, she invited us to come and stay with her at her beach house in Marbella. So cool. I can't wait to see what it looks like and enjoy some beaches in the south of Spain.


G-Ma Karen said...

Happy 4th to you also. What a great time you had. I'm sure it was a spectacular place to get to visit. Now where did you meet Joanna at? It could be real nice to have friends with beach houses, etc. It must have been amazing. I like the pictures also. It looks so beautiful there. The kids look like they were having fun also. How far away was it from you place? How'd the doctor's visit go also?

Love Ya, Mom

Tim and Nancy said...

Eryka, man you sure know how to make some amazing friends and connections. Have a happy 4th.

The Silly Witch said...

Wow! That sounds incredible. Joanna sounds like she really knows what kind of break parents need!

Anonymous said...

Boy that looks like a great place to go. All that nice grass for the kids to play on. Hope your 4th of July was great. We went to the park and watched the fireworks last night they were really pretty, otherwise we didn't do anything but stay home out of the heat all day. It got up to 115 degrees yesterday and is suppose to be just as high today.

Love ya

Dad or Mother Glover said...

It looks like you guys fit right in with the high-powered Madrid social scene. What fun for you and the children!

Deanna said...

Eryka, sounds like a great experience. I sent you an email the other day to your eryka_glover hotmail account. Don't know if you still use it. Let me know if you have an email account. I love your blog. Send me an email or something soon. Miss you guys. deannajon@hotmail is our address.

love ya,