Monday, January 28, 2008


A few things I'm grateful for...
-my sweet little kids
- Joaquin's laugh
- Isaac's excitement to learn
- Stella's helpfulness
- Drew - everything about him!
- parks on a sunny day
- friends
- family
- a comfy sofa 


Gail said...

Gratitude is a wonderful attitude!

Amberly said...

Yea! I love simple grateful lists! I totally believe that if we are grateful for the things around us rather than always finding what's wrong, more blessings will follow. Thanks for this one!

Lesli said...

What a wonderful list. Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

hewhy whats we are looking at another house...we are putting an offer in on sat...looks like 17 lawrence could be your really is such a wonderful house and an awesome location. whats your deal? when could you move in? give me the details.