Friday, February 15, 2008


Isaac learned this word a few weeks ago and loves to use it.  Anyways, my predicament is baby food.  Its time for Joaquin to start eating it but the choices in Spain are scary.  Does anyone have a baby food recipe book they recommend?  Do they even exist?   


Azúcar said...

Yes, they do exist, but they’re pretty much: steam, mash, enjoy.

I read one book called Super Baby Food by Yaron, who had great ideas on how to make your own foods. She emphasized plants, whole grains, the good oils; it’s a very good reference guide. It was from her suggestion that my first child’s food was avocado (not rice cereal, or anything else processed from a jar/box.) I made all my first son’s baby food. I basically mashed up whatever we were having: steamed veggies, rice, a piece of fruit. I went through the trouble once of taking a morning and steaming a bunch of veggies, putting them through the food processor, freezing them in ice cube trays, and then storing the cubes in zip-loc bags.

With my second (my own Joaquin) I asked my parents, and I did a little research. Turns out that baby food purees are pretty much unnecessary and unnatural. If a baby is old enough for solids, they can feed themselves real food. Baby was about 7.5 months when he reached out and helped himself to sweet potatoes from my plate. Since then, he feeds himself: all kinds of veggies (he loves bell peppers) fruits, beans, lentils, rice, and soft meats, whatever. It’s simple because you don’t have to fix anything different from what the rest of the family eats, and it prevents picky, texture-adverse children since they have texture from day one.

Anyway, that’s my evolution. Making your own food is simple, and I highly recommend it.

Experts debunk baby food myths.

p.s. just so you don't think I'm too random, I'm a regular reader of Erin's.

eryka said...

thanks Azucar! I'm such a slacker mom that my first 2 hardly ever ate baby food. 1. They didn't like it. 2. We were in law school and it was expensive. So I gave them whatever I was eating. With #3 I just thought I'd try and do the baby food the way the doctors suggest. Who needs doctors! jk. I'm all for giving them food off my plate I just wasn't sure when I could start.

Worthy Glover Sr. or Gail Glover said...

I always just mashed up or blended what was on the table for everyone else, since I figured the child was going to have to learn to eat that eventually anyway. Who can afford baby food? I think my children turned out fairly healthy and normal, don't you? Gail

Melissa said...

I just mashed up the basic starter foods carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, peaches, etc. I got a couple recipes off the internet but basically fed what we had but didn't put all the extras like butter salt and pepper and other seasonings that we had with our food.

Azúcar said...

See, you call yourself a slacker mom, but really, you were doing it the natural way! That's how babies know what's safe to eat--mom is eating it!

Jon said...

One word: Imports :)

That's how we survived China.

Kd and Clay said...

Timothy eats whatever we are eating. I steam fresh or frozen veggies, cut them into bite-sized pieces, and let him "gum" away! Last night we ate sweet and sour chicken, and he loved it!