Sunday, February 17, 2008

We've been in Spain for a year and a half and haven't seen much of Spain. Basically just Madrid and Barcelona. So today we decided to make a day trip to Toledo, the old capital of Spain. It was just 30 minutes by train and provided many beautiful sites just perfect for capturing our photogenic family. We hope to make a few more day/weekend trips in the four months we have left here so we're fully exposed to the beauty of Spain. Hope you enjoy our pictures! We think we got some good ones.

Toledo's highly defensible position made it an ideal capital city.

But I doubt anyone ever thought they'd have to defend the place against an army like this!

That's Drew and Joaquin in the corner there.

Eryka's not lost, I promise. . .

Stella knows better.

You can see the spire of the cathedral peaking at you from various locations in the town. Actually getting there is another story.

Isaac spent the time waiting for our train home playing with his new Spanish knight. (Excuse the blur - Drew is still trying to figure out some of the finer aspects of our new camera)


Lesli said...

Great photos - looks like you had a wonderful time! What a beautiful city.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the photos and it looks like a beautiful city. Great you can go around and see more of Spain.