Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chicken pox, The City and fun

Since we've been back from our trip out West we've been busy.  Here's a quick run down...
-The morning we flew in Isaac had school bus orientation.  He is so excited to ride the big yellow bus.  They took the kids on a short ride and let them get a feel for it.  Isaac can't wait.  
-School shopping.  Who doesn't love back to school shopping?   New clothes, new crayons and a backpack.  
-Sunday dinner with The Call's.  We are so excited to be living so close to family.  Thanks for coming over to see us.  We can't wait for all the good times.
-Joaquin is really behind with his shots so every few weeks he has another round of 4 shots.  Unfortunately, he didn't get the chicken pox shot yet.  Some of our good friend are stuck at home with the chicken pox.  Hopefully we can avoid getting them.  If not, no big deal.
-Girl's night out.  I had a lot of fun going into the City with a few friends from our new ward.  Dinner was great and the company even better.
-Picnic at Riverside Park with some of our old City friends was a great way to start the Labor Day weekend.  Thanks guys.
-My sister in law, Kim came out with her Mom and Sister to watch the U.S. Open.  I was able to meet up with them and join them for a night out at Grimaldi's and walking the Brooklyn Bridge. 
- And tomorrow we are headed to the beach and then a BBQ with friends.  

I think I'm all caught up on blogging.  Hopefully I went get so behind again.  Sorry for the overload.  

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Jordan and Jodi said...

I love the new house! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your GREAT decorating...can you come help me? Seriously! I can't believe your dad kept a SECRET! I remember how bad he was about about when you lived in our ward! ha ha ha! Happy late Birthday to Karen! What city do you live in? We applied to 5 NY med schools and if we get an interview then the baby and myself will be joining Jordan because I REALLY badly want to go to NY. We could come visit you!