Sunday, August 31, 2008

West Coast

Wakeboarding at Lake Powell.

Stella tubing with the big boys!!
Isaac kneeboarding.  Way to go buddy!
Joaquin happy to be on the boat eating licorice.
Happy Birthday Joaquin!
Grandma Karen's birthday party
They attempted sleepover in the Living room.

How is it possible that all the boys in this picture have their finger in their nose?
Isaac golfing with Grandpa Victor.

We also went on a trip out West.  It was very last minute but great.  We were able to surprise my Mom for her birthday!   This is a huge thing.  My Dad is the worst at keeping secrets and he did it!!!  Thanks Dad.  

We played in Vegas for a week.  It was hot but we enjoyed the pool - multiple times, ate at Cafe Rio - yummy, shopped till we dropped, attempted a sleepover in the living room with Grandma Karen, played with Uncles, and just enjoyed being with everyone.  Thanks a million.

After a week we drove to Blanding.  With a quick stop in St. George to visit Granny & Grandpa Heard and my Aunt and her family.  It was fun enjoying a meal together at Pizza Factory and playing in the new water park.  

Blanding is always fun once we get there.  The drive is long but well worth it.  We had a ton of fun playing with cousins.  We LOVE the cousins.  It was great seeing everyone.  Thanks for all the fun memories.  We loved Lake Powell, playing in the Perkins two story tree house, jumping on the trampoline, golfing and especially all the chatting and relaxing.  We also celebrated Joaquin's birthday with a big family dinner and pinata.  It was a blast.  

I'm so glad we made it out to see everyone.  We already miss you.  

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G-Ma Karen said...

We had lots of fun with your visit. We will have to try a sleep over in the living room next time, hopefully it will work out then. Thanks for the suprise on my BDay, you don't know how much it meant to me. It was such a wonderful thing to do for me.