Tuesday, April 19, 2011

not according to plans

Friday turned out completely different than I had planned.  It started off with the moving company coming out for an inspection 2 hours before they were scheduled to.  They left at 8:50 so Isaac and Stella were late for school.  Oops.  Then 10 minutes before I was leaving for an appointment I get a call from the school.  Stella threw up her lunch.  So we ditched the appointment and went to get Stella.  Brought her home only to be full of energy and not acting sick at all.  I had already called our friends to cancel pizza movie night thinking that Stella was really sick.  I guess better to be safe than sorry.  Then after picking Isaac up from school we headed to piano lessons.  I watched Joaquin and Stella play on the park while Isaac had his lesson.  Right before we left Joaquin touched a piece of the playground and his palm had a huge burn on it.  It immediately blistered and so went headed to the doctor's office.  It was a second degree burn.  They bandaged his hand and we were off.  We finally made it home for our scheduled pizza movie night.  The pizza was delicious and we watched Holes.  Isaac just finished the book so we had to watch the movie.  Then we all went to bed super late!  

I like plans and schedules.  I'm usually fine with changing them but it felt like everything was thrown off on Friday.  Luckily, we still had a good day.  

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Anonymous said...

Ouch Joaquin those burns hurt granny has had some of those too and I don't like them.