Friday, April 15, 2011

toilet paper

As part of the prep work for this move I've been stocking up on everything.  Brazil is extremely expensive. So here's a question for ya.  How much toilet paper do you think a family of 5 would use in a year?  I have no clue.  But the Costco cashier asked me what I was planning on doing with all of it.


Jordan and Jodi said...

hard question....could you keep track of how in a week or month then calc a month? Don't forget to add a little more for emergencies and Drew! You've got quite the task ahead of you! Are you also doing toothpaste and such? When will you be in Vegas? We'll be in Vegas the month of May and 3 days in June if you're there we'd love to see you!

Gail said...

One word -- bidet

Anonymous said...

Tell Joaquin I am going to grab his tongue next time I see him.