Friday, June 08, 2007

What was I thinking?

So I have about 3 months left with this pregnancy and I'm starting to get really nervous about having a baby in a foreign country. Spain is really modern but everything I've been reading lately scares me. I was really excited to try a midwife and plan a natural birth this time. No, I'm not totally crazy. I just figure that if this baby comes anywhere near as fast as Stella I better be prepared for no epidural. Stella was born in under an hour after we got to the hospital. And my recovery was amazing with her. So I really wanted to plan on not having an epidural and a few other things. (I won't get graphic. It grosses me out too.)

The problem is Spaniards are very set in their ways. They really want to give you an epidural as soon as you get to the hospital. They don't want you walking around. They don't want to see a birthing plan. They want to schedule induction especially in August and September. The c-section rate is 43%. That's really high! And I can't find an english speaking midwife. And if I google spanish birth stories or anything like that I get horror stories.

Drew is totally fine with me going to the States and having the baby but that's just weird. Leave Drew and have him possibly miss the birth. I don't think so. What was I thinking when we decided to have a baby in Spain. I'm really excited for the baby just scared to death to "dar la luz".

Any suggestions or good birthing books would be helpful.


Corinne said...

Eryka - i'm sorry you're feeling worried!! I don't have any advice - except maybe staying home for as long as you think you can - if you cut it close again, they won't have time to give you an epidural, right? Of course, I suppose you could end up giving birth, then, in a cab or something. MAN. I'll be thinking about that problem :)

The Silly Witch said...

I can definitely understand your worries. When your pregnant you want to feel like you are working WITH the doctor and not going against their ways.

I wouldn't let them schedule and induction or c-section unless there is a really good reason.

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way is the best natural childbirth book I know.

And they can't give you an epidural without your cooperation, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. I'd agree with Corinne to stay home as long as possible, but third babies can come REALLY fast. (I know from experience.) Take comfort in the fact that in later stages of labor sometimes the best way to speed labor up is to lay down and completely let your body relax. That's why so many babies come at night, right?

Anonymous said...

They say even in the states that they are doing a lot more C-sections than they used to do rather it is because it is more convienent or they make more money for it. Maybe that will make you feel more comfortable.


G-Ma Karen said...

As fast as Stella came, they won't have time to give you an epideral, it wouldn't take effect in enough time if this one comes that quick. With David, they gave me an epideral, during the epidural procedure I needed to push. They took me to delivery, David was born and then the epidural finally took effect. So what good was the epidural anyways.

Just talk to your doctor and tell him your wants and hope he will listen to you. Like "the silly witch" said, they need your cooperation in duing an epidural. If you were to decide to come to the states, your almost running out of time for that.

I personally don't know of any books that are around, since I haven't been in that situation for some time. I think you'll be just fine.....

AzĂșcar said...

I know this post is forever ago, but I just wanted to say that YOU'RE the boss! Don't let them push you around. You just act like those other Spanish ladies and give 'em Hell. Just say NO. In fact, you can pretend you don't understand what they're saying (haha.)